Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Facebook Teleseminar

Last week I was a guest on a teleseminar hosted by Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound. The subject was "11 Ways to Avoid Missed Opportunities on Facebook"

I must confess, I was extremely nervous as it was my first time as a guest on a teleseminar. I did do my homework though and I was extremely confident in my knowledge of the ways in which to use Facebook to promote your business.

Joan is more than competent at hosting a teleseminar. She leads you along very easily and keeps the pace up so one gets all the information as promised when one signs up for these events.

We received excellent feedback and in turn I have generated new clients and followers on Facebook. I have also created a "fan page" on Facebook as a result.

So, for those of you who are still confused about using Facebook and all the possibilities that are available to you, don't hesitate. You are leaving gold on the side of the road!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

11 Ways to Avoid Missed Opportunities on Facebook

There are so many missed opportunities to promote on Facebook.

I am frequently asked by my clients what is the ROI on social networking and my answer is always the same. 'How much time would you like to spend?'

It's really very simple, the more you put into it the higher your rate of return. That is true for anything in life, be it business or personal.

I ask my clients to spend 5 minutes a day on Twitter. Look through the tweets that are showing. Retweet someone else. Post a tip. Try not to be over promotional. Next........

Facebook. If you have set up your Twitter feed correctly it feeds directly to your status feed on your home page. Check your status feed everyday. Comment on others feeds. Offer tips and advice. Again, don't be overtly promotional.

The one thing to always remember about Facebook or any other social networking site is to be conversational and polite. Engage others.

On June 4th I will be the guest speaker on a teleseminar hosted by Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound. I have been her VA for several years and I have become her Facebook guru. Facebook can be confusing and hard to follow, but once you know your way around, it is very user friendly.

To sign up for this informative and fun teleseminar please visit The Publicity Hound's website at

Monday, May 18, 2009

Tips Booklets International

I recently was given great kudos from a friend and client Paulette Ensign of Tips Booklets International. You can earn from someone who has been well paid for over a million of her "business cards" as tips booklets. Make more money now with easy-to-produce tips booklets to sell thousands at a time, not one by one. Tips booklets are in demand no matter what the economy is doing. They're highly recession-proof..

I have recommended her on numerous occasions to my clients who have either come out with a new book or have an existing book that they would like assistance with selling. She can show you how to sell your books to not just one at a time, but in mass quantities.

She recently has added a new division to her vast line of services. She now has Publishing Prosperity, which offers audio recordings and transcripts of live Expert Interview sessions plus additional products created by those Experts.

If you are an author and in need of assistance in getting your books sold, don't wait another minute.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

My niece has her big solo performance.

Hannah was given a big solo to start off this rendition of Ave Maria.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Let’s meet at Stompernet event March 5-8 in Atlanta

I'll be attending the Stompernet convention this coming March in Atlanta, a gathering of several hundred members of the world's largest Internet marketing membership site.

"Some of the brightest minds in online marketing will be attending and presenting. For three full days, I'll be learning what's new in social networking, video, seach engine optimization, product creation, and dozens of other topics that will help me help you. I'll look forward to sharing with you what I've learned and applying the knowledge to your upcoming projects."

I don't like to travel much by air, but for this I was ready to go. When one of my clients, Joan Stewart, a.k.a, The Publicity Hound invited be to attend as her guest, how could I say "no". Couldn't do it, no way, no how.

So although, I do have to get on a plane, it will be worth it.